We just wanted to thank you so much for the overwhelming support over the last year! However, just as we both made the transition from “country” to “city” once upon a time, there are some changes on the horizon for us. We’ve made the very difficult decision to discontinue blogging here on Country meet City. There were so many factors in reaching this decision – but, it really boiled down to each of us having specific visions that we think would be better served on our own personal ventures. We wanted to be honest with ourselves and to you, our lovely readers.

We have absolutely loved sharing our personal styles and lifestyle tips in this space and we sincerely thank each and every single one of you who have read our posts, commented and genuinely engaged and supported us throughout this amazing journey. Your support and love has meant the world to us. 👩❤️👩

Thank you for your understanding 😘


– Country meet City (a.k.a Kayla and Lacey)


8 thoughts on “de·noue·ment

  1. It has been fun following you ladies. You were the first blog that I followed and I always looked forward to reading it. I wish you both tremendous success. Keep reaching for the stars!

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