It’s possible that chocolates, flowers, and fancy dinners with your significant other are totally your thing – but if you’ve ever found yourself dreaming about a holiday that solely celebrates you and your girlfriends, Galentine’s Day is something you should you should be celebrating.

What is Galentine’s Day, you ask? Well – duh it’s the best day of the year.



Still a little confused? Galentine’s Day is a holiday Amy Poehler’s Parks and Recreation character, Leslie Knope, created that occurs every year on Feb. 13, the day before Valentine’s Day.

Basically, it’s like Valentine’s Day, only instead of celebrating the love you have for your significant other, you spend it with your girlfriends, who after all deserve a holiday all to themselves too.

This Friday we are celebrating a little early with our girlfriends. We are off to have dinner and watch Fifty Shades Darker – ya we aren’t afraid to admit it.

Galentine Ideas:

Shopping Trip!


Movie date!

Galentine’s Gift Exchange!

Get Your Nails Did!

Here is a photo-shoot with our besties, celebrating our friendship and some local #girlbosses.gals6gals5gals3gals2gals8gals7

Jewellery – My Vintage Retreat

Photographer – Willow Lamoureux Photography

Tea Set – Deux à Deux

Floral Crowns – Blumenstudio

MUA – The Art of Beauty by Tammy


January Shopping: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


January is a tough month. Winter is in full force. Many people have set New Year’s Resolutions that won’t be kept. Holiday bills are coming in and stores are trying to clear their entire inventory to make room for the new product. January = yuck.

We don’t know about you but we find January shopping really difficult.

With our pockets laced with freshly pressed gift cards to all of our favourite stores we want to freshen up our wardrobes, but every store it seems has a different idea with their annual sales eliminating old stock, everything has been picked over.


The Good

There is some good news.


January tends to have some really awesome deals. Most stores are trying to clear old inventory for the new stuff. So, if you’re lucky enough to find that golden item or that everyday essential that fits or catches your eye, take it and run! These deals ain’t gonna last forever!

The Bad

There is a downside to shopping in January. Old inventory.


This can mean something that may not be on trend and even worse they don’t have your size. We both have hit up the shopping scene since Christmas to use gift cards and have struggled to find either what we had our hearts set on or we find that item, but it only comes in sizes that would not fit. Talk about a bummer!

The Ugly

Bills. Bills. Bills.


Post-Holiday gift shopping can leave your money situation with little to nothing or some minor debt. So shopping in January is almost non-existent or leaves you with buyer’s remorse. Which can cause more stress and leave you feeling like you’ve started the New Year off on the wrong foot.


Keep in mind, January is just 31 days long and only one month out of the year and there are better days ahead and better stock and likely even better sales.





-Country meet City

2017 – The year people may Quit Social Media

For those of you high on 2017 resolutions – perhaps its self-care, spending more time with your family, reading more and buying less – here’s an interesting statistic to consider: according to a recent survey in the UK more people want to quit social media than quit smoking in 2017.

Sure, social media outlets can offer incredible knowledge – it gives people a platform to voice their opinions instantly – perhaps to share a joke, or an opinion.

But, it’s also a toxic swamp. Facebook is larded with annoying ads and fake news, and Twitter is full of hateful homophobic, sexist, racist rotten eggs. (Instagram may be the only happy place left on the Internet and it has it flaws).


Evidence is mounting that too much social media use can hurt your family life, wreak havoc on your mental health, and interfere with your day job. Over the holidays, we noticed many people started posting farewell posts on Facebook, saying goodbye to social media along with 2016, a year nearly everyone acknowledges as ‘The Worst’.

So what does this mean for us?

With a blog – we survive with social media platforms.  But we acknowledge there are way too many possible platforms out there to use.

A full-on Twitter or Facebook deletion isn’t in the books for us, but we feel we have a good grasp on ways to use our social media mindfully and positively. We want to bring social media back to the ‘good-old-days where we can use social media as a space for positivity, encouragement, support, education and connection – instead of this current gross-pit of bigotry, snark and jealousy.


Whether your approach to New Year’s resolutions is cold turkey abstinence or temperate moderation, taking back control of your social media temptation is a smart one for 2017.

What would you like to see from us? What’s the tone you want to see from us online? How can we make social media more productive, interesting and caring for you our reader?


-Country meet City


See you later, Bye, 2016!

We’re supposed to regard 2016 as the worst 12 months in the history of humanity – or at least according to all the memes.


It’s true, there have been some pretty awful events this year, namely: Trump getting elected, the abundance of celebrity deaths and the rise of terrorist attacks. But it has also been a very glorious, liberating, bonkers, awe-inspiring roller-coaster of a year.

But it’s the year we took a risk.

We have always felt different and maybe a little weirder compared to other bloggers. Our personalities and styles have always set us apart, for better or worse. 2016 was a year we decided to do more for ourselves and learned not cater to others definitions of what it means to be a blogger. We also took a bit of a step back from blogging as often and events to focus an evaluate what we wanted to and be with our blog.

2016 has had some really crappy things happen but it has also been a year of growth. Always try to find the positive in all situations and strive to be your best self.

We will leave you with a quote that really stuck with us from Russian designer, Gosha, summing up 2016 perfectly:

“…there is a great international unity of young people… I feel a great energy that comes from youth all over the world. Old people can keep making wars for money, but we’ll grow up and change the world.”


Cheers to you and a happy + healthy 2017! Be the change you want to see.


– Country meet City

A Woman’s Worth

2016 has felt very heavy but also very productive and eye-opening for us. It has taught us to keep swimming and to never let people’s negativity define who we are or what we want to achieve.

Our friendship started in College and was built upon our quirky and different personalities meshing together in school projects and McDonald’s runs in between classes. But grew into something more meaningful on a deeper level of understanding and support.

As women, we need to have these friendships. We need strong women in our lives for support, learning, collaboration and inspiration. Our society has a lot of backwards notions about how a woman should look, act and portray herself and it’s so difficult not to get caught up in or affected by these ideas and “rules”.

We need these friendships to empower ourselves and to strive to be more than just the status quo and to acknowledge that every woman comes in and with different shapes, backgrounds and ideals.

The world is a very different place from when our parents where young and women’s roles have significantly changed and evolved for the better. We need to start being the change we want to see and to also be better role models for young girls. Boundaries and rules are meant to be bent and challenged.

Follow the beat of your own heart and never apologize for not meeting someone’s definition of what it means to be a woman and your worth. Surround yourself with strong and empowering woman who will inspire and support you.


-Country meet City


Photo by: Amy Zambonin

Local Gift Guide – For the City Girl

We all have those urbanites in our life – you may even be one of them.  And with a name like Country meet City, we thought it would only be appropriate to follow-up with a Gift Guide for the City Girl.

Finding great gifts for that girl who lives in the city can be tough. They may have a small apartment/home and may spend a lot of time out and about, so you probably won’t want to give them large things that require them to be at home to use. But things they can use while they’re enjoying the city, going about their everyday life? They’ll appreciate those gifts over and over again.


Once again we’ve done all the research for you, finding all of the best and locally sourced gift items from luxe jackets and blazers, mala necklaces, artisan bags and personalized wine glasses.  Even better,  is you can find it all at the Freewheeling Craft Christmas Market and happening December 3-4 from 10AM-4PM at the Glebe Community Centre.  This Christmas Market will have something for everyone on your list.


Everything at Rowes Fashion is 100% handmade! From pattern to cut to sew and made in Ottawa.  Every piece is unique and made with the highest quality of materials.  Possibly the best part they will adjust pieces to fit you just right.



Facebook: @rowesfashion

Instagram: @rowes_fashion



Tangente (French for tangent) is a collection of eco-friendly women’s clothing and accessories. Designed for conscientious consumer and created with fabrics made of organic cotton, bamboo, ramie, tencel and vintage trims. Cathy only uses materials that have the lowest possible impact on the environment. Each garment is designed and produced in her studio in Ottawa!



Facebook: @tangenteclothing

Instagram: @tangenteclothing



Inner Echo was created by Tara and Shannon, with the simple belief that life is like an echo and what you put out into the universe comes back to you. When you vibrate at a high frequency your experiences and surroundings do the same. It is simple – radiate love, kindness, empathy and joy in all that you do and watch as the universe radiates them all back to you!   Inner Echo is malas, wraps, stacks, and bracelets & essential oil blends that raise your vibrational frequency — with the bonus of additional therapeutic benefits.

All of Inner Echo’s pieces are made up of powerful authentic gemstones & other sacred materials that each have their own unique healing properties. ts_innerecho_blondie_lacey

Facebook: @innerechomalas


Instagram: @inner.echo

Twitter: @innerechomalas

claypigeonChristine is the mastermind behind Clay Pigeon Design.  She is a rocker that creates these beautiful modern, often multi-functional ceramic pieces, influenced by nature, ‘dark rock’, mid-century design, and cats.  So many cats.  Her pieces are for anyone in any house or apartment and a must have for any cat lover out there. 



Facebook:  @ClayPigeonDesign

Instagram: @claypigeondesign


Salsabruce ain’t no salsa – but Amal’s items are hot hot hot!  Creators & Curators of hand-made jewellery and home furnishings.  Using new and used clothing and accessories both vintage and current.  Our favorite is the statement ostrich feather necklace and deerskin leather belt.  This necklace and belt will spice up any outfit for the holiday season!





Facebook: @salsabruce

Instagram: @salsabruce

So what is on your list for your Uptown Girl this holiday?


-Country meet City

*  Photo Credit: Alex Sarna Photography *

Local Gift Guide – For the Country Girl

The 2016 holiday shopping season is in full swing, and we have prepared a local gift guide for that country living and loving person on your list, making it easy for you to find that right gift.

We’ve done all the research for you, finding all of the best gift items from plaid vests to clay pots to deer antler necklaces we have all of your rustic favorites to make this a happy holiday.


From some of the most-anticipated apparel items to the obligatory holiday gift card, the Freewheeling Craft Christmas Market and happening December 3-4 at the Glebe Community Centre has your country shopping covered for you.


A wholesale clothing company with all their products designed and made in Canada! With rustic appeal in every piece, and rich fabric – Blondie is a treat to wear.  Blondie nurtures small businesses in order to maintain healthy small town economies.

Instagram: @blondieapparel

Facebook: @blondieapparel



Wildtree creates colourful earthy inspired jewellery, pots and planter dreamed up from a chaotic mind.  Wildtree’s creations are a reflection of Emily – owner and creator of the colourful, natural and wild pieces. All of Emily’s creations are one-of-a-kind or very limited after materials run short and designs change. Wildtree aims to continually branch out and create unique, beautiful and funky things for everyone to enjoy.


Facebook: @wildtreejewellery

Instagram: @wildtreejewellery


Sadie & June won over our hearts with their hand-embroidered rustic heart maps – so perfect for that special someone in your life. They also have a pretty amazing line of shirts that mirror our trucker mouths.


Facebook: @sadieandjune


Instagram and Twitter: @sadieandjune


Pink Soapworks was created by besties, Kristin and Lori.  Two ladies with an idea and a love for soaps and bath products – produce artisanal, handcrafted, small batches of body products made with natural ingredients carefully crafting a balance between health, wellness, and beauty.

Creating a variety of soaps, sugar scrubs, bath soaks, lotion bars, bath bombs, body butters and lip balms – everything smelling beyond what you can imagine.

Facebook: @pinksoapworks


Instagram: @pinksoapworks


 Tanya or T – originally from a small town in rural southwestern Ontario has a little country in her.  T specializes in creating cozy and trendy women’s accessories, keeping you fashionable through our coldest months.


Facebook: @tscrochetshoppe


Instagram: @tscrochetshoppe

Do you see anything that catches you eye? Saddle-up and get on that Christmas shopping 😉


Country meet City


* Photo Credit: Alex Sarna of Alex Sarna Photography *