It’s possible that chocolates, flowers, and fancy dinners with your significant other are totally your thing – but if you’ve ever found yourself dreaming about a holiday that solely celebrates you and your girlfriends, Galentine’s Day is something you should you should be celebrating.

What is Galentine’s Day, you ask? Well – duh it’s the best day of the year.



Still a little confused? Galentine’s Day is a holiday Amy Poehler’s Parks and Recreation character, Leslie Knope, created that occurs every year on Feb. 13, the day before Valentine’s Day.

Basically, it’s like Valentine’s Day, only instead of celebrating the love you have for your significant other, you spend it with your girlfriends, who after all deserve a holiday all to themselves too.

This Friday we are celebrating a little early with our girlfriends. We are off to have dinner and watch Fifty Shades Darker – ya we aren’t afraid to admit it.

Galentine Ideas:

Shopping Trip!


Movie date!

Galentine’s Gift Exchange!

Get Your Nails Did!

Here is a photo-shoot with our besties, celebrating our friendship and some local #girlbosses.gals6gals5gals3gals2gals8gals7

Jewellery – My Vintage Retreat

Photographer – Willow Lamoureux Photography

Tea Set – Deux à Deux

Floral Crowns – Blumenstudio

MUA – The Art of Beauty by Tammy


Get your Scrub!

Ladies and Gentlemen, do you have some scrub in your life?  We met up with Scrub Inspired a two year young local business founded by Jessica McNeil and Kiersten Hanly, located in Ottawa and Cape Breton!  We love when two provinces are entwined with one another!

Like a fresh baked baguette from your favorite local bakery – all of Scrub Inspired is made to order. Sourcing ingredients locally, and even grow some themselves! Scrub Inspired products are cruelty-free, vegan, and gluten-free. The scrubs are 100% natural, with no toxic chemicals, SLS, parabens, or anything artificial.


What’s in a name?
Naming your business has to be by far the hardest part, but we just followed our instincts. We wanted to go simple, but also incorporate the inspiration behind our company. Our original name was Scrub Inspired by Cape Breton, which is where I’m originally from. The beautiful sea and shores of Cape Breton was the true inspiration behind our fresh sea salt and sugar scrubs. We shortened it and landed on Scrub Inspired. 



What is scrub?

We handmade all natural face and body scrubs. They are as fresh as you can imagine; we base them out of sea salt or sugar and add in fresh fruit, zest, essential oils, and even herbs from our own garden! Our scrubs will rejuvenate your skin by exfoliating, cleansing, and moisturizing.

What was the inspiration to start your business?
Believe it or not, it was a thriving rosemary plant that inspired our first scrub Grapefruit & Rosemary. And of course a life long desire to be an entrepreneur.


What about your business is the most rewarding?

Honestly, our customers. There is nothing more rewarding than creating something that changes peoples life in the simplest way. Our skin is the largest organ in our body, and when treated right it can make you feel like a million bucks.

Do you have a few words of inspiration for someone just starting a small business?

Follow your passion. Do something that makes you incredibly happy and fulfilled, not rich. If it’s right, the money will follow.
scrub3Do you have any other upcoming shows you will be attending?

Yes! We are in the middle of the hectic and wonderful fall craft season, so we have lots of shows coming up. Some of our favorites include Urban Craft, Home Heart & Handmade, and OMM Holiday Night Market.

One fashion question.  What is your go to daily wardrobe staple?  Example – jeans, plaid, loafers?

Kiersten’s go-to is always a cute dress or skirt, she’s not much of a pants girl.

Jessica loves the holiday season and can’t resist a pair of shiny pants with knit leg warmers and a cute sweater – it’s a cozy season!  Jessica also works from home so that has a major influence on her daily wardrobe.

Fun fact!
Jessica is obsessed with creating the perfect at home whipped foam for her morning cappuccino. It’s been 4 years in the making and she thinks she has finally got it!


Please visit Scrub Inspired and show them some warm local love!  Every scrub Scrub Inspired makes is unique as each and every one of you!  Take pride in feeling good about what you put in and on your body!


Instagram: @scrubinspired

Twitter: @scrubinspired