It’s possible that chocolates, flowers, and fancy dinners with your significant other are totally your thing – but if you’ve ever found yourself dreaming about a holiday that solely celebrates you and your girlfriends, Galentine’s Day is something you should you should be celebrating.

What is Galentine’s Day, you ask? Well – duh it’s the best day of the year.



Still a little confused? Galentine’s Day is a holiday Amy Poehler’s Parks and Recreation character, Leslie Knope, created that occurs every year on Feb. 13, the day before Valentine’s Day.

Basically, it’s like Valentine’s Day, only instead of celebrating the love you have for your significant other, you spend it with your girlfriends, who after all deserve a holiday all to themselves too.

This Friday we are celebrating a little early with our girlfriends. We are off to have dinner and watch Fifty Shades Darker – ya we aren’t afraid to admit it.

Galentine Ideas:

Shopping Trip!


Movie date!

Galentine’s Gift Exchange!

Get Your Nails Did!

Here is a photo-shoot with our besties, celebrating our friendship and some local #girlbosses.gals6gals5gals3gals2gals8gals7

Jewellery – My Vintage Retreat

Photographer – Willow Lamoureux Photography

Tea Set – Deux à Deux

Floral Crowns – Blumenstudio

MUA – The Art of Beauty by Tammy


Metamorphosis Eco Fashion Show 2016


The eco-fashion industry is always-evolving and is always-innovative in its approach to harmonizing beauty and the environment.

We are not stranger to sustainable fashion creating our own capes, vests, caplets and jewellery from recycled materials and what a better way to support Fashion-conscious designers than by attending the Metamorphosis Eco Fashion Show 2016?!?

These fashion forward eco-friendly local area designers will showcase their designs both on the runway and in a night-time market, bringing designers and consumers together for an unforgettable evening.


This show is made possible by a wonderful Canadian charity called EcoEquitable and main sponsor, Sleepwell Property Management.

EcoEquitable –  a local registered charity and social enterprise committed to sustainability by helping new Canadians access long-term financial independence and skill development training through small-scale textile recycling. This event showcases and supports environmentally-conscious emerging fashion designers in the Ottawa-Gatineau area, many of whom are graduates from our Sewing for Jobs program. Our hope is that this unique event will inspire the fashion-conscious and environmentally-minded alike in a way that revolutionizes the way Ottawa sees its own local designers.

Event Details

unnamedBuy Tickets Now!






laceycape6Lacey Wears – Cape: Country meet City Designs, Dress: Zara, Brooch: Vintage, Boots: Cape Robbin






kaycape9Kay Wears – Cape: Country meet City Designs, Trousers: Smart Set, Scarf – Vintage, Ring – Forever 21, Booties: George

We hope to see you next Wednesday at Metamorphosis!


-Country meet City

Balance Between Your Job and Your Passion

No one told us that discovering our purpose in life, would soon be replaced by intense overwhelm.

We’re writing this blog post after weeks of not having the time (or energy, frankly) to do much blogging, spend time with our community on social media, work on planning the next phase of our blog, or even spending a whole lot of time with our loved ones.


These past few weeks have been a really busy time for us at work, and it’s been hard to make time for anything else. Stress at work has made it really hard to manage our daily routines, find time to be with our kids, our spouses, work out, or even feel motivated to do anything outside of dealing with our job. Needless to say, things have been pretty difficult to manage, and we’ve been totally worn out.


For those of us who are working a full-time job, while pursing our passion in our ‘free time,’ it can be very difficult to balance between the two and it can often leave you feeling drained.

This is especially true if you have demanding jobs. We have found that we can’t just drop everything and give 100% to our side projects, and this can be frustrating. Frustrating enough to make us feel overwhelmed, unhappy and uninspired.


If you know for a fact that you’re going to have to keep your full-time job to help build your empire, then the secret to surviving that transition is going to be your ability to juggle. You can’t allow yourself to spend so much at your full-time job that you end up burnt out.

The thing is – we know we aren’t the only ones out there that are being #BOSSLADIES.

So based on our own experience over the past few weeks, here are a few strategies for finding balance in life between your job and your passion.


Make time for yourself.

A couple of weeks ago we were asked by our superstar blogging friend Emily of What Emily Said  to partake in a photo-shoot supporting women entrepreneurs.  This is exactly what we needed… some time to remember why we starting a blog, the love for fashion, taking some time to spend with friends, meet new friends and support local businesses.

Plan ahead for periods of imbalance.

One of our mistakes the past few weeks was not making enough time for ourselves. We allowed stress from work to completely exhaust us.

As best you can, try to plan ahead for periods of potential imbalance. The more advance planning you can do, the easier it will be to balance your job and your business.

Prioritize and schedule your tasks.

When you have to split your already limited time between your passion and your full-time job, you’re not going to be able to do everything you want to do. Constant multi-tasking is no way to balance your full-time job with your passion.


We finally feel like we are starting to live a more balanced life. Not because things have slowed down at work, but because we’re learning new ways to find that balance and harmony between both. We’re trying to get better at making time for ourselves, our families, our partners, our blog, planning, and prioritizing.


Do you struggle with finding balance in life between your job and your passions?

What are some of your strategies for balancing?


-Country meet City

Digital Detox Weekend

A little time away from the computer, phone,  and other bright, flashy, distracting things is necessary every day of the week. Our eyes, brains and bodies deserve a break.

When you think about how many hours a day you spend hunched over a computer or with your hand around your phone – a little digital detox may just help.

Get Ready For Your Digital Detox


Set a time limit. Sometimes it’s better to start small and designate an hour or two to unplug. Work up to an entire weekend or longer if possible.

Keep a detox journal. When you feel like checking your email, write a quick note about why you want to.  To keep track of how often you do want to be checking in on the rest of the world carry a note pad a jot down a check mark every time you are jonesin’ for an Instagram fix. Write about how you feel. If you are bored, anxious or relieved, write it down.

If you do break down and take a peek, write that down too. Not only will the data be interesting, but it might help with your life balance and internet use in the future.

Turn off notifications. Closing your computer is only half the battle. What about your phone? It may be impossible to go completely without your phone, but do try to turn off those notifications!

Face your fear. Compulsively checking in and reacting may be second nature for you, and there is a FOMO when you are gone for very long. The world-wide web will still be there when you get back. Decide what your most worried about. Are you afraid that you’ll miss something or that you won’t be missed, or that you might be forgotten? A weekend break will squash all of these fears.


So everyone Country meet City is signing off for the weekend for a little TLC.


-Country meet CityIMG_6069

The ‘In-betweeners’ – Stuck in the Middle With You

Over the past couple of years some have said that they have been “years of the plus-size.” To others, it was nothing more than a token nod in the right direction: when really only a few models over size 10 have been featured in big campaigns, like the more popular models Ashley Graham and Robyn Lawley for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

It’s true that we are a long way from the fashion industry ever truly embracing the various shapes and sizes of women, but every step in the right direction is a good one.


We like to think real strides toward body acceptance in the world of fashion come through the blogsphere. Plus-size blogs are thriving, particularly in the US, Canada and the UK, where bloggers are collaborating on fashion lines, appearing on TV, and modeling for global brands. However, there seems to be one very important women’s body type left out; and we call it the ‘In-Betweener’.

We are considered an “In-Betweener.” And perhaps 2016 will be our year. We are not a size 0 or 2 nor are we a size 14 or 18, we have curves, but we cannot shop at plus size either. We are average. We are  In-Betweeners.


This term started being used more frequently in fashion circles last year, when model Myla Dalbesio was signed for a big Calvin Klein campaign. At 5’11”, her body is completely in proportion, and in the campaign, she looks smoking hot. This should have been seen as a good thing, a woman with a body closer to that of many consumers was finally being represented in fashion. But this wasn’t the case, things went the other way entirely as people complained she wasn’t “plus-size” enough.

For most of our lives and definitely the majority of our adulthood, we’ve struggled with being In-Betweeners. We’re not exactly “skinny,” but definitely not outright “chubby.” Certainly there have been moments in time when we’ve been heartbroken, not eaten, and took routes to unnatural weight loss. Or times we have paid no attention to what we put into our mouths until our pants wouldn’t zip up anymore. But none of these instances put us anywhere closer to being able to relate to the thinnest of the thin or the thickest of the thick.



We were and are still grounded In-Between, and we will continue to advocate for the In-Between ladies.

Love the body you are in no matter the size or shape.


-Country meet City

Throwing It Back – Thursday Edition

We both love going through old family albums and seeing how we and people we know and love evolve from decade to decade.

Here’s a little glimpse into our childhoods and fashion journey. Lacey (I woke up like this) and Kayla (Jazz Dancer Extraordinaire).



Country meet City