#GIRLBOSS Wild Things Jewelry and Decor

Kay first met Shannon at Studio B, where she goes to get her hair beautiful and we both would later run into Shannon in the maker’s circuit. Shannon is the artistically talented lady behind Wild things Jewelry and Decor. Her heart is pure and her wares are unique with a real and beautiful connection to nature.


1. Tell us a little bit about your business?

Wild Things Jewelry and Decor is a nature inspired line that combines a mix of natural, re-purposed and vintage materials to create one-of-a-kind pieces. We are a creative duo, who uses our skills and passions to collaborate. I started the line using mossy and flowery treasures that I would collect on my every day journeys and my partner Dennis is a seasoned carpenter who has a creative edge for rustic organizational decor. I take pride in my original signature product, the glass wildflower locket. Each timeless geometric locket is uniquely designed and displays locally sourced wildflowers encased in its glass panels. We also create a range of other products including terrarium vial pendants and earrings that contain an assortment of sacred herbs and resins, cacti planted in vintage bone-china tea-cups, custom terrarium planters, geometric shaped wooden crystal shelves, and other rustic wooden decor. We also offer custom wood furniture and shelving by order.


2. How did your interest in creating your products start?

Maybe it was from growing up on a farm, or spending 5 years in majestic Nunavut, but I have always been at the happiest state when surrounded by nature. I marvel at every leaf, blade of grass, flower petal and bit of mossy ground around me. I found myself collecting all kinds of things that stood out to me. Eventually I ended up with old textbooks filled with pressed flowers and a nightstand filled with jars containing all kinds of interesting treasures. Instead of becoming a witchy hoarder, I decided that perhaps I should brew up some ideas of how to put the materials to some use. I started out making terrariums and advertising them on Instagram and Facebook. The response was great and people started making custom orders. I’ve always loved handmade jewelry and dried flowers, so eventually I branched out in to making the wild flower lockets. That’s when things started to really take off and I realized that I had a little business on my hands. I came up with Wild Things Jewelry and Decor as a business name, made an Instagram account, designed myself some business cards, and away it went!


3. What is it like running your own business? What’s your day to day like?

Someday I would love to own a little shop, but for now it is an after-hours enterprise. I try to keep up a presence on social media and stay in tune with upcoming local markets and other events to keep the business going. We’ve had our lockets in a few shops in Ottawa, and are on the lookout for new spots. We are always gathering interesting materials to use in our pieces and really just have a lot of fun brainstorming new ideas and creating!


4. Who has provided the most inspiration for you along the way, as you’ve built your business?

My friend Kim is also an entrepreneur with her business Downtown Underground. She really motivated me to get things rolling at the beginning and be me a lot of advice. My boyfriend Dennis has been supportive and excitedly creates alongside me now. It’s become a pretty fantastic partnership. We inspire each other and we feed off of each other’s creativity. But most of all, I am truly inspired by the response I get from people who see our work! It makes me really happy when people at markets tell me that they follow us on Instagram, that they’d come to the market because we had advertised it, or they’ve seen or heard of other people wearing our pieces. Hearing how much people love what we are doing is what really inspires me to keep going with it!


5. What do you think were the most important mistakes you’ve learned from?

It took trial and error to get a knack for making our existing products, and we invested a lot of time and money in to materials etc. At times when I didn’t see an immediate response or payoff, I’d get frustrated and want to give up. Soon after those moments though, I would get an opportunity to participate in a market, someone would make an order, or something else would come up to make me want to keep at it, keep going… Patience and confidence are definitely two traits that I’ve had to keep working at.

6. What advice can you share with other #GIRLBOSSES in training?

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and network! People who see that you’re passionate will embrace and support you. Keep doing what you love!


Find Wild Things Jewelry and Decor on:

Instagram – @wildthingsjewelryanddecor
Etsy- Coming Soon!


-Country meet City

So Long Summer


A couple of weeks ago we were asked by our superstar blogging friend Emily of What Emily Said  to partake in a styled photo-shoot supporting women entrepreneurs.

This is exactly what we needed… some time to remember why we starting a blog, the love for fashion, taking some time to spend with friends, meet new friends and support local businesses.


The shoot was based on the end of Summer and styling it with all things pretty!
































Dream Team:

Photography: Amy Zambonin and The Lovely Things Blog

Decor: The Burlap Bride

Calligraphy: Simply Steph Ko

Plum Cookies: PLUM Bakers Gifts

Jewellery: Birch Jewellery

Florals: Frolic Flowers

Dresses: Viens Avec Moi Boutique

Models/Bloggers: Country Meet City, What Emily Said, The Lovely Things Blog

Organizer: What Emily Said




-Country meet City


Wearing Black & White

There is something so comforting about a “uniform”- keeping things simple with two hues: black and white.

Black and white when worn together create a high amount of contrast.  Contrast is the arrangement of opposite elements – and in this instance light colour versus dark colour.  Often people veer away from contrast because it draws too much attention to themselves or their ensemble.

A few simple staple black and white pieces can go a long way.

Yes, you can mix, match and layer your black and white pieces – the possibilities are endless especially if you’re willing to get a little creative, but the outcome is the same: simple crisp, clean and polished.

Here’s a couple of outfits to inspire you:

A crisp white tank with a full black A-line skirt. The addition of a black choker and high black heel keep it interesting.




Lacey Wears:
Skirt and Choker – Country meet City Design (Pattern from Fabrications), Pleated Top – Zara, Heels – Thrifted, Rings – Lucky Brand, Belt – Vintage

A white and black patterned top and black trousers needn’t be boring. Look for structured vest, and add a large black felt hat if you feel it’s lacking something. The added layer will give more depth to your outfit.




Kay Wears:

Vest and Headband – Forever 21, Top – H&M, Trouser & Winners – Winners

Fashion is all about making informed choices, which few of us actually make when getting dressed, simply because we just don’t know how.

How will you wear your black and white?


– Country meet City

How-to create a Southern Belle look in 5 steps

We teamed up with King Ranch Saddle Shop to bring you 5 easy steps on how to create that picture-perfect Southern Belle look.  Think Kentucky Derby, a day at the races or a summer cocktail party – Southern Belle is a flirty and feminine look without being too forward, but oozes a pulled-together sense of beauty.

1. Embrace Feminine Lace

Lace, which is an easy find this season, is always popular.  Keep your jewellery to a minimum because the focus of your ensemble should be your dress.  Try wearing a button up shirt with a lacy skirt.  Our pick is the Denim Settler shirt with a dainty front ruffle.





2. Boots.  Boots. Boots.

Cowboy boots are such as easy way to show some country flair and are great for those cool summer evenings.  Add a pair of classic pointed toe cowboy boots to any skirt or dress to complete your belle look.  We love the brown cord stitch versatile boot that will take you from working around the ranch to a night out on the city.  Check out King Ranch Saddle Shop’s selection of boots for an amazing unique collection!



3. Natural Jewellery

It’s hot and a load of jewellery is the last thing you want to be wearing – but a little bling will pull your outfit together.  Try adding a natural touch to your outfit with shed antler, turquoise beads and sterling silver.  All quick radiate that southern traditional style.  We are in love with the Lionshell 3 strand necklace and the turquoise three strand bracelet.






4. Wear a hat

You’ll be under-dressed without one. With temperatures rising, whether it’s below the Mason-Dixon Line or in our Nation’s Capital, the southern belle tradition is ensuring that a hat will is always worn. Straw and wide-brimmed hats and perfectly-in-place hair are a classic belle look.  While we love our straw hats we also love a good old wool hat like the wool hunting hat in putty and pecan. This hat is breathable for the summer months and warm for the cooler months, it’s also crushable!





5. Have a cold drink in your hand

A Mint Julep – the official drink of the Kentucky Derby dates back to the 18th century, is a refreshing mix of spearmint, sugar, bourbon and water.  We like the idea of a mason jar – it screams country and city.  For a more elegant look try old-fashioned glassware.




6. Remember your Smile!

Kill them with kindness.  Charm is an essential part of Southern hospitality and kindness is an essential part of Canadian culture.



-Country meet City



Style Trend – The Choker

It’s a trend that’s been creeping back thanks to an overall ’90s resurgence. The choker, of the velvet, metal, scarf or leather variety, has been seen on the necks of people everywhere.

As you know, we create our own unique jewellery using white-tail deer antlers.  In love with the choker trend we created a simple suede lace wrap choker adorned with two small antler tips.

We are bringing the country to the city with this green and natural look.




choker1Kay wears

Blazer – Dynamite, Tank – Forever 21, Trousers & Heels – Winners, Jewellery – Assorted, Choker – Country meet City Designs




choker12Lacey wears

Lace dress, sandals & belt – Forever 21, Choker – Country meet City Designs, Skirt – Thrift

Other choker looks!


Right now, the super easy and simple thing is tying a thin choker scarf around your neck.  You can do this with a simple handkerchief


The Mix up

Try a choker and a chain for a clever mix of metal and beads achieving rich texture and medium.


Metal Head

Precious metal chokers finish off any outfit giving it a polished and timeless look.



What choker style would you use? While classic black seems to be the most popular, we are quite smitten by thin leather and suede pieces.


-Country meet City



4 Tips for Wearing Brooches

There’s a common misconception about our favorite fashion accessory – the brooch.  No it is not an accessory only worn by your grandmother, the Queen, or Park Avenue Socialites.

We’re here to dispel that notion, wearing a brooch is a timeless way to add some sparkle to your ensemble, no matter the season.

Pin one on, in a glamorous style like Elizabeth Taylor, use it in an utilitarian and keep your shawl shut, or turn it into an embellishment for your dress, clutch or blouse.

4 Tips for Wearing a Brooch

1. Mix old with new. Wear a vintage brooch with a structured, or retro graphic print dress  for a look that’s polished with added modern flair.

2. Placement is key. A brooch always works when worn, left or right, over the bust, or in the center of your collarbones.


3. Blouses and brooches are friends. A fresh way to put some punch into your “go-to” work blouse is to add a playful brooch to the center of the blouse.

4. Dress up your shawl. If you’ve got a plain shawl and want to add a little embellishment, a simple brooch on the lapel is a great statement piece.


Will you wear your brooch on your sleeve?


-Country meet City


5 Simple Last Minute Styles for New Year’s

To think that Christmas has already come and gone really blows our mind. This month has been packed with work, holiday events and travelling. We swear we just flipped the calendar to December – and now here we are, ready to open a whole new year.

Speaking of the New Year, it’s ALMOST New Year’s Eve! New Year’s Eve is really one of the most fun times of year. It’s the perfect excuse to dress up in your most glamorous of clothing and add a bit of sparkle to your style. Since our style typically tends to be more quirky and laid-back, New Year’s Eve is a great excuse to add a bit more pizazz to your look.

We are sharing 5 easy and inexpensive New Year’s Eve outfit ideas, so if you’re still questioning what you’re going to wear be sure to click-through!

Look Glamorous in a Metallic Print

Metallic pieces look great year round, but they seem especially essential during the holiday season. A bold metallic piece is an easy statement piece to pair with something more casual or classic for New Year’s.

Available at Roadtrip Ottawa

Rock a Bold Lace Print

This year lace was one of our favourite trends. Today, we still absolutely adore all things lace and feel that it’s the perfect print for the holidays. A festive New Year’s Eve party is perfect opportunity to break out your lace pieces from your closet and rock them with confidence.

The great thing with lace is that if you want something less bold look, lace can be found in a more subtle palette, creating a more minimalist holiday look.


Available at Roadtrip Ottawa

Sparkly Accessories

There is no easier way to add a bit of glitz and glam to your look than with a statement necklace or a gorgeous pair of earrings. These simple pieces instantly take casual looks and transform them into more glamorous looks.


Available at Devine Fine Jewellery

Make a Statement with Sequins

We love sequined leggings. They are so playful, bold, and unexpected and over the top. These black sequin leggings are so much fun, but they aren’t something that can be worn every day. They call for a time and a place, and there’s no time better suited to these sparkly leggings than New Year’s Eve. Try wearing with a basic blouse or t-shirt, sequin leggings add the perfect amount of sparkle to ring in the New Year.

sequin pants

Available at Forever 21

Another great option for sequins is a sequin dress for a more bold head-to-toe look.


Available at Roadtrip Ottawa

Little Black Dress

The Little Black Dress is an ultimate classic item that every woman needs in her closet. Simply add for glitzy accessories or wear as is and you will dazzle the night away.


Available at Roadtrip Ottawa


We cant wait to share our outfits with you on Instagram!


-Country meet City