We just wanted to thank you so much for the overwhelming support over the last year! However, just as we both made the transition from “country” to “city” once upon a time, there are some changes on the horizon for us. We’ve made the very difficult decision to discontinue blogging here on Country meet City. There were so many factors in reaching this decision – but, it really boiled down to each of us having specific visions that we think would be better served on our own personal ventures. We wanted to be honest with ourselves and to you, our lovely readers.

We have absolutely loved sharing our personal styles and lifestyle tips in this space and we sincerely thank each and every single one of you who have read our posts, commented and genuinely engaged and supported us throughout this amazing journey. Your support and love has meant the world to us. 👩❤️👩

Thank you for your understanding 😘


– Country meet City (a.k.a Kayla and Lacey)

#OOTD – Ice Ice Skateway


We’ve found the best way to beat the winter blues is to try to get out and make the most out of it.

Ottawa was built for winters. One of our favourite things to do in the winter months is to hit up the Rideau Canal. It transforms into a 7.8km long Skateway during the winter months – it’s the World’s Largest Skating Rink. And, not to mention it is blessed with multiple BeaverTail  vendors along the way.


Although we didn’t have time to skate, we decided to make the most of the chilly weather and take a walk on the Skateway (yes, we are THOSE people…).






Kay is Wearing: Coat – H&M / Vest + Belt – Winners / Dress – Forever 21 / Boots – George / Sunnies – ALDO






Lacey is Wearing: Coat – Vintage/ Vest – Winners / Jumpsuit + Ring – Forever 21 / Boots – Ariat / Sunnies – LensCrafters


What do you do to beat the winter blues?



-Country meet City

January Shopping: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


January is a tough month. Winter is in full force. Many people have set New Year’s Resolutions that won’t be kept. Holiday bills are coming in and stores are trying to clear their entire inventory to make room for the new product. January = yuck.

We don’t know about you but we find January shopping really difficult.

With our pockets laced with freshly pressed gift cards to all of our favourite stores we want to freshen up our wardrobes, but every store it seems has a different idea with their annual sales eliminating old stock, everything has been picked over.


The Good

There is some good news.


January tends to have some really awesome deals. Most stores are trying to clear old inventory for the new stuff. So, if you’re lucky enough to find that golden item or that everyday essential that fits or catches your eye, take it and run! These deals ain’t gonna last forever!

The Bad

There is a downside to shopping in January. Old inventory.


This can mean something that may not be on trend and even worse they don’t have your size. We both have hit up the shopping scene since Christmas to use gift cards and have struggled to find either what we had our hearts set on or we find that item, but it only comes in sizes that would not fit. Talk about a bummer!

The Ugly

Bills. Bills. Bills.


Post-Holiday gift shopping can leave your money situation with little to nothing or some minor debt. So shopping in January is almost non-existent or leaves you with buyer’s remorse. Which can cause more stress and leave you feeling like you’ve started the New Year off on the wrong foot.


Keep in mind, January is just 31 days long and only one month out of the year and there are better days ahead and better stock and likely even better sales.





-Country meet City

Style vs. Fashion

In our late teens and early twenties once a month every month, fashion magazines arrived in the mail. With each new month, came new styles, fancy editorial spreads, designer garments, and paper-thin models.

We devoured the pages and envisioned ourselves incorporating every style in the magazine. Can you say obsessed much?

Over the years, though, we noticed we looked at the magazines less and less and eventually unsubscribed. Disappointed and disengaged with the pages that only use top the celebrity and brand name fashions for the month, and overwhelming amount of trends, it felt like we had to remember and execute over the next month.


Without using fashion magazines as our main source of inspiration, we began creating looks for ourselves that felt truly our own. Our creativity now flourishes.  And we know the important difference between fashion and style.

See, many people use the words “fashion” and “style” interchangeably. We certainly used to.

So what is Fashion?

According to Google


What is Style?

Also according to Google


Style has the power to visually express what we cannot do verbally. It allows us to reveal who we are in a way that is entirely unique to anyone else. It’s an approach, a method, a technique that has been created by you to best represent who you are as a person.

You can see then how the two ideas—style and fashion—are very different. But, why is it so confusing to most? This is where the fashion industry is to blame. The concept that a person must be fashionable to be popular and is fueled by brand-name companies looking to increase sales and profits; fashion becomes a marketing tool.

What is Personal Style?

Personal style is just that—personal.  It’s something each person can and will decide for themselves based on numerous of things.

Fashion is something we can all appreciate but would be wise to not imitate just for the sake of relevancy. Fashion is meant to be appreciated on the outside.

Style is meant to begin from the inside.




-Country meet City