It’s possible that chocolates, flowers, and fancy dinners with your significant other are totally your thing – but if you’ve ever found yourself dreaming about a holiday that solely celebrates you and your girlfriends, Galentine’s Day is something you should you should be celebrating.

What is Galentine’s Day, you ask? Well – duh it’s the best day of the year.



Still a little confused? Galentine’s Day is a holiday Amy Poehler’s Parks and Recreation character, Leslie Knope, created that occurs every year on Feb. 13, the day before Valentine’s Day.

Basically, it’s like Valentine’s Day, only instead of celebrating the love you have for your significant other, you spend it with your girlfriends, who after all deserve a holiday all to themselves too.

This Friday we are celebrating a little early with our girlfriends. We are off to have dinner and watch Fifty Shades Darker – ya we aren’t afraid to admit it.

Galentine Ideas:

Shopping Trip!


Movie date!

Galentine’s Gift Exchange!

Get Your Nails Did!

Here is a photo-shoot with our besties, celebrating our friendship and some local #girlbosses.gals6gals5gals3gals2gals8gals7

Jewellery – My Vintage Retreat

Photographer – Willow Lamoureux Photography

Tea Set – Deux à Deux

Floral Crowns – Blumenstudio

MUA – The Art of Beauty by Tammy


The White Stripes

Black on white, navy on white, thin or thick and always horizontal.  Stripes, stripes, stripes on a basic top is one of the most long lasting classic looks around.

We love a good stripe.  No seriously we really do – If you guys haven’t checked out our friend Flic Taylor’s blog called Love a Good Stripe – you must.

So how to style the classic stripe?

Pick a trouser or skirt, and place black & white striped top with it.  We promise you it will work. It will look fantastic. A black and white stripe is clean, always trendy but always effortless, chic.  If your look doesn’t feel fresh enough mix it up with tons of chunky accessories and this season’s hottest trend a bomber jacket of a different print.



IMG_8253Kay wears-  Bomber Jacket – Zara, Striped top – H&M, Trouser & Heel – Winners, Necklace – Thrifted

There’s something retro & sophisticated about a navy striped top, it’s chic and cool altogether in one piece.  It’s the 60’s styles, 90’s basics, and that nautical feel that never seems to fade.

Keep that retro feel and add a navy or red skirt with a bold belt and choker scarf.  Don’t be afraid to add that pop of colour – navy is complimented well with yellow and red so don’t be shy!



IMG_8323Lacey wears – Striped Dress – Anne Taylor, Skirt – Vintage, Shoes – Zara, Scarf – HepKat Vintage, Watch – Fossil

A striped top is the easiest thing to wear – even though it may not seem like much. A good stripe really does goes a long way.


-Country meet City


Wearing Black & White

There is something so comforting about a “uniform”- keeping things simple with two hues: black and white.

Black and white when worn together create a high amount of contrast.  Contrast is the arrangement of opposite elements – and in this instance light colour versus dark colour.  Often people veer away from contrast because it draws too much attention to themselves or their ensemble.

A few simple staple black and white pieces can go a long way.

Yes, you can mix, match and layer your black and white pieces – the possibilities are endless especially if you’re willing to get a little creative, but the outcome is the same: simple crisp, clean and polished.

Here’s a couple of outfits to inspire you:

A crisp white tank with a full black A-line skirt. The addition of a black choker and high black heel keep it interesting.




Lacey Wears:
Skirt and Choker – Country meet City Design (Pattern from Fabrications), Pleated Top – Zara, Heels – Thrifted, Rings – Lucky Brand, Belt – Vintage

A white and black patterned top and black trousers needn’t be boring. Look for structured vest, and add a large black felt hat if you feel it’s lacking something. The added layer will give more depth to your outfit.




Kay Wears:

Vest and Headband – Forever 21, Top – H&M, Trouser & Winners – Winners

Fashion is all about making informed choices, which few of us actually make when getting dressed, simply because we just don’t know how.

How will you wear your black and white?


– Country meet City

How-to create a Southern Belle look in 5 steps

We teamed up with King Ranch Saddle Shop to bring you 5 easy steps on how to create that picture-perfect Southern Belle look.  Think Kentucky Derby, a day at the races or a summer cocktail party – Southern Belle is a flirty and feminine look without being too forward, but oozes a pulled-together sense of beauty.

1. Embrace Feminine Lace

Lace, which is an easy find this season, is always popular.  Keep your jewellery to a minimum because the focus of your ensemble should be your dress.  Try wearing a button up shirt with a lacy skirt.  Our pick is the Denim Settler shirt with a dainty front ruffle.





2. Boots.  Boots. Boots.

Cowboy boots are such as easy way to show some country flair and are great for those cool summer evenings.  Add a pair of classic pointed toe cowboy boots to any skirt or dress to complete your belle look.  We love the brown cord stitch versatile boot that will take you from working around the ranch to a night out on the city.  Check out King Ranch Saddle Shop’s selection of boots for an amazing unique collection!



3. Natural Jewellery

It’s hot and a load of jewellery is the last thing you want to be wearing – but a little bling will pull your outfit together.  Try adding a natural touch to your outfit with shed antler, turquoise beads and sterling silver.  All quick radiate that southern traditional style.  We are in love with the Lionshell 3 strand necklace and the turquoise three strand bracelet.






4. Wear a hat

You’ll be under-dressed without one. With temperatures rising, whether it’s below the Mason-Dixon Line or in our Nation’s Capital, the southern belle tradition is ensuring that a hat will is always worn. Straw and wide-brimmed hats and perfectly-in-place hair are a classic belle look.  While we love our straw hats we also love a good old wool hat like the wool hunting hat in putty and pecan. This hat is breathable for the summer months and warm for the cooler months, it’s also crushable!





5. Have a cold drink in your hand

A Mint Julep – the official drink of the Kentucky Derby dates back to the 18th century, is a refreshing mix of spearmint, sugar, bourbon and water.  We like the idea of a mason jar – it screams country and city.  For a more elegant look try old-fashioned glassware.




6. Remember your Smile!

Kill them with kindness.  Charm is an essential part of Southern hospitality and kindness is an essential part of Canadian culture.



-Country meet City



How to Dress in a Heatwave

We have been hit with a heatwave, so dressing weather-appropriately is must – think boho vibes.  But what do we do when we have to dress a little more formal and actually go out and meet people in this sweltering heat?


Here are five tips to keep you cool during these summer months:

1. Choose lightweight Fabrics to stay cool in the heat

As a general rule – the best fabrics for heat and humidity are lightweight and made from natural materials such as cotton or linen.

  • Feel the weight of the cloth – make sure its light;
  • Hold it up to light – make sure you can see through it ever so slightly;
  • Natural and light fabrics usually dry faster – which is nice when its 30C outside.


2. Breathable Fabrics Are Best For Hot Weather

High temperatures mixed with high humidity can make your life miserable when having to wear anything more than a bathing suit.

It is important to allow air circulation to maintain a cool body temperature.

You want fabrics to be breathable and to allow maximize air flow through the clothing, allowing that heat and moist air to escape.


3. Lighter Color Clothes Are More Suited For Hot Weather

It’s simple – dark colors absorb more light. Therefore dark hues are going to be hotter.

Light colors reflect light – making them cooler to wear in the summer.


4. Perforated Shoes   

It’s days like this you can ditch the pumps and pull out your favorite wedge, strappy, and flat sandals.  It’s important to always allow your feet to breath. If you feel you can’t do the whole sandal thing, try a slip on shoe with no socks or stockings.


5. Straw & Felt Hats Provide Protection

Hats are a classic and stylish option for sun protection.

A wide-brimmed straw or lightweight felt hat is fabricated to allow air circulation through the fabric, vent holes and weave of the hat.




Kay Wears:

Dress – Old Navy / Scarf – Vintage / Sandals – Call It Spring / Belt – Winners / Jewellery – ALDO Accessories




Lacey Wears:

Dress – Ardene / Sandals – Old Navy / Accessories – ALDO

We are definitely feeling the heat today and the weekend looks like it’s only going to get hotter. So keep your wardrobe light and breezy, and, if all else fails live in your pool or local lake.


What are your heatwave fashion tips? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!


-Country meet City

5 Reasons why we may never make it as BIG Fashion Bloggers

First off – we dare to be ourselves, therefore we dare to be different.

We both suck at acting and fashion blogging is a lot like acting, and a bit like Hollywood – there are hundreds or maybe even thousands of fashion bloggers popping up daily and wanting to make it big. Behind those sunglasses and whitewash photos the reality is that a majority will fail.

However – failure is only how you define it.

In our modest experience, of running our own fashion blog and being part of a larger scaled community, there are the 5 attitudes and qualities that hinder our ‘status quo’ blogger minds.

1We are too avant-garde and have a distinct voice and style.

We complain about this all the time – and so do engaged readers – style bloggers all look the same.  They wear the same shoes, buy the same statement pieces, take the same style of pictures.

We want to be different – we want our own style and flair to shine through – therefore we will continue.


2If you think you’re producing new and unique content… you’re wrong.

It’s 2016 – there is no such thing as new and original content, but there is a way to present ideas in new unique creative ways.  That being said– if you’re doing the same roundup of ‘Essential Wardrobe Items’ on a white background with little text, you’re doing the same thing as every other bloggers?

We have this problem – we are creative, and are different on so many levels, oh and also we like to write.


3Focus on your own end game; worry less about competition.

Competition is only healthy when it encourages someone to try new things.  If you let competition take control, it will cripple you as a person and as a blogger.

We try to focus on our personal growth, building a positive community and quality content.


4You get caught up in acquiring new pieces and accessories, instead of creating new content.

Too many new pieces for new content is a vicious cycle, and is unhealthy for anyone – not just fashion bloggers.  While it may help to attract new readers and keep people coming back for more, it’s not a sustainable blog practice in the long run. It just leads to too much consumption, too much debt, and a loss of your own style and identity.

Practice re-use and recycle!


5You ask, “Why isn’t this happening to me? How come I’m not getting those opportunities?”

Everyone wants to believe their blog is the next big thing – and often forget why they started their blog in the first place.  We do it because we enjoy it.

Comparing yourself to other bloggers is a quick way to hinder your site, your progress, and vision.  We are guilty of this, we have attempted too hard at times to be like the next “Insert Blogger’s Name,” so that we could get the same opportunities they did. It’s not worth it.  In the end we are all human, and if you are determined all these great things WILL happen to you… on your time and with a lot of sweat and hard work.



What do you think stands in the way of bloggers and “making it” in the blogosphere?


-Country meet City



Denim Jackets: A Wardrobe Must-Have

It’s a classic and an essential to any woman’s wardrobe – the denim jacket.  With temperatures hesitating to warm up in our capital these jackets are essential for the in-between weather we are experiencing.

Denim has been used since the late 18th century. It was introduced to California by Levi Strauss in 1853, during the California Gold Rush—imported denim fabric from France and used it to create sturdy, solid trousers that would later become the omnipresent blue jeans.

The jean jacket is without a doubt a wardrobe asset when not feeling the bomber jacket, pea-coat or classic blazer.   Not only does a classic denim jacket have timeless appeal and the ability to add a touch of “cool” to a bland outfit, but it integrates itself into your wardrobe.

Denim jackets are a secret weapon to a woman’s wardrobe: whenever you aren’t sure how finish off an outfit, or how dressy an event you are attending may be wear your denim jacket to dress it dress it up or down.

Styling Tip – where neutral colours, like white and black and add the denim to pull together the outfit.  If you are feeling a little more girly, add a denim jacket to create that cute feminine yet boss lady look.


IMG_6143Lacey wears:

Denim Jacket – Gap, White T-shirt & Hat – Urban Outfitters, Bolo Tie – Value Village, Slacks – Winners, Birkenstock Sandal – Apple Saddlery


IMG_6125Kay wears:

Denim Jacket & Flats – Old Navy, White T-shirt – Ardene, Scarf & Brooch – Vintage, Sunglasses – Aldo, Skirt – Forever 21

How do you wear your denim?


-Country meet City