#OOTD – Ice Ice Skateway


We’ve found the best way to beat the winter blues is to try to get out and make the most out of it.

Ottawa was built for winters. One of our favourite things to do in the winter months is to hit up the Rideau Canal. It transforms into a 7.8km long Skateway during the winter months – it’s the World’s Largest Skating Rink. And, not to mention it is blessed with multiple BeaverTail  vendors along the way.


Although we didn’t have time to skate, we decided to make the most of the chilly weather and take a walk on the Skateway (yes, we are THOSE people…).






Kay is Wearing: Coat – H&M / Vest + Belt – Winners / Dress – Forever 21 / Boots – George / Sunnies – ALDO






Lacey is Wearing: Coat – Vintage/ Vest – Winners / Jumpsuit + Ring – Forever 21 / Boots – Ariat / Sunnies – LensCrafters


What do you do to beat the winter blues?



-Country meet City

Look Winter Cozy-Chic

Living in Canada during the winter can be a trying time. And if you love fashion it feels almost impossible to keep your style game on point with all the layers, clunky boots and the freezing weather.

We find there are key pieces in our winter wardrobes that take us from freezing civilian to Elsa and Ana levels of winter pretty.

1. Find a warm statement jacket. We love the long maxi tweed jackets because you can dress them up or down and they always look fresh.

2. Slimming Skinnies.  Keep your bundled-up top half in check with a skinny jeans, trousers, leggings or tights as a sharp accessories combo. The slim leg will balance out a heavy coat and layers.

3.  Pile on the Knits.  Choosing your favorite knits can be tough – so what torture yourself by choosing just one?  Wear them all!  The trick is to opt for thin sweaters and cardigans and layer away, but avoiding the bulk.

4. Wear your favorite hat.  Whether it’s a beanie or a fedora – keeping your head warm is key to comfort and fashion.  The streamlined silhouette of a brimmed hat and a simple beanie will keep your ears warm and avoids the bulk when paired with a wool scarf and over-sized jacket.

5.  Statement boots.  Why not spice up your outdoor gear with a tasteful heel and a pop of colour.  If the ground is dry and your walking distances is at a minimal try spicing up your outfit with a bold boot.








Lacey Wears: Wool Jacket + Scarf  + SkirtWilfred from Aritzia / Heels – Cape Robbins from Winners / Tights – Marilyn Munroe /  Top – Urban Outfitters / Sunglasses – QUAY Australia / Hat – Hinge from Nordstrom / Bracelet & Choker – Country meet City Designs 








Kay Wears: Jacket + Turtleneck + Trousers + Boots – ZARA / Tank – H&M / Adidas Beanie – Urban Outfitters / Sunnies – ALDO


What are some of your winter wear essentials?



-Country meet City

Falls Hottest Accessories: Embroidery & Silk Scarves

Embroidery and silk scarves may be little details, but they’re kind of a big deal right now. And here at CmC, we’re a little (okay a lot) obsessed with these two accessories this Fall.

The Scarf.

Suddenly, silk scarves seem to be everywhere — you’re fully dressed, ready to leave the house when you realize your outfit’s missing a little something. Should you add a statement necklace? Nah, it’s Fall and it’s cool and maybe you don’t want to be too fancy. What you need is something in between — cute, but not over-the-top. What you need is a silk scarf.

It may sound a little Western, we know, but after spotting this must-have accessory we’re convinced it’s worth a try.

Kay pulls a sophisticated look that can be worn all through fall and winter. To achieve Kay’s look (the ‘Necklace’) – Roll scarf  to preferred width. Tie loosely around neck (back to front), then knot in the front to finish.






Kay wears:  Top – H&M, Culottes – Dynamite, Scarf – Vintage, Heels – Winners, Sunglasses – Aldo Accessories


Back in the day our denim jackets carried a few embroidered patches – okay maybe ours still do. All this being said – you didn’t see our mom’s wearing them.

We are breaking this mold.  Lacey is a mom – and along came Fall 2016, with embroidery making a comeback, damn right we are wearing it.

There are so many options of embroidery out there right now – many even come attached to blouses, shorts or blazer and there is something to fit every style, age, and mood.

Lacey opted for a blazer from Zara’s Fall Trafaluc collection with embroidery on the breasts and yoke – appropriate for a corporate office and full of life.






Lacey wears:  Blazer, Culottes + Ankle Boots – Zara, Belt & T-shirt – Forever 21,  Choker – Country meet City Designs

Honestly, we think you can wear almost anything, it’s more a matter of how you wear it, rather than what you wear. Which of course means – bring on the scarves and bring back the badges and embroidery!


-Country meet City


Spring 2016: Fashion You Can Actually Wear

Lets be honest, what trends we wear in real life are really decided by what looks good on us, and not because they are “trendy.” Choose the looks you love and feel comfortable in. Fashion is all about expressing yourself and feeling good while wearing it.

With Groundhog Day confirming that we will have an early Spring, we thought it would be appropriate to share some Spring 2016 Trends.  And good news, a lot of these trends are from previous seasons!  We have compiled a list of trends that are easy to wear and incorporate into any wardrobe.

Check out our top picks below:

Print on Print!

It’s back! This is a trend that just keeps on popping up every season. It’s an old trend made new. You take a tiny print and pair it with a bigger print, take a bold print and in and coordinate the colors and walk out the door!



Dress – HepKat Vintage, Stockings – H&M, Heels – Le Chateau, Brooch – Vintage

Retro Chic

Whatever you want to call this trend, it is not going away! Vintage look and feel is here to stay.

winner  winner11

Blouse – Winners, Trouser & Boots – Zara, Watch – Fossil

Sailor Stripes

Stripes and nauticals are returning this spring – and we are excited. However, wide stripes seem to be dominating the runways thus far.



Crop Top – Forever 21, Maxi Dress – Winners, Necklace – H&M, Heels – Old Navy, Glasses – Polette Eyewear


Cardigan – Winners, Dress – Forever 21, Belt – Joe Fresh, Necklace – Peoples Jewellers


Crop Top & Skirt – Forever 21, Heels – Old Navy, Necklace – H&M


Cardigan – Casa Blanca, Tee-Shirt – ZARA, Necklace – H&M

Fringe Effect

Love your fringe bag, skirt, jacket or vest? Well the fringe is hanging around this spring, too!



Jacket – Zara, Dress – Copious Fashions, Socks & Sandals – Urban Outfitters, Necklace – Forever 21



Dress – Vintage, Fringe Vest – Forever 21, Watch – Fossil, Socks – Urban Outfitters

Floral Feast

Who doesn’t like flowers? Try a floral patterned full skirt or dress to satisfy your floral cravings.



Dress – HepKat Vintage, Necklace – Aldo Accessories, Heels – Winners



         Dress – Sirens, Floral Jacket & Bolo Tie – Value Village, Tights – Calvin Klein  , Ankle Boots – Zara


-Country meet City



This week seems to be taking extra long for us both….and to top it all off it’s been insanely cold. We’re holding out for warmer days ahead! Check out our outfits of the day for some winter style inspiration:

What would I call my outfit today?

50s House-Wife

What are my shirt, pants, shoes, etc.
Blouse – Old Navy

Pleather Skirt – Forever 21

Pumps – Naturalizer

Necklace – Borrowed from my momma

Belt – ZARA

Who was I trying to look like today?
Keiko Lynn – I adore her style. She mixes vintage and modern so well. She is a true fashionista.

16463274540_9553839a48_oImage from Keiko Lynn

Why did I pick these colors today? 

I haven’t really felt very colourful this month…you’ve probably noticed my very monotone looks. This week I wanted to try to break out of it….slowly…..I did so by adding a blue polka-dot blouse to my black pleather skirt topped with a funky faux snake-skin belt.

Where in the world would I best fit with this outfit?

I felt very New York in this outfit. I see myself  in Brooklyn getting a cone from Oddwells Icecream 🙂


 What would I call my outfit today?

Gritty Chic

What are my shirt, pants, shoes, etc.
Quilted Jacket – Winners

Black Trouser – Black Label – Winners

Blouse – Brandi Melville Canada

Lucky Rabbit Foot Necklace – Vintage & Bridal

Studded Ankle Boots – ZARA

Who was I trying to look like today?
An office version of Furiosa from Mad Max

madmaxImage from Pinterest

Why did I pick these colors today? 
Overcast seems to be the only weather we are getting here in the Nation’s Capital and this outfit is like a dark and dreary ombré.

Where in the world would I best fit with this outfit?
I feel like this outfit would best fit in on a safari business meeting LOL!





-Country meet City


We are very inspired by pop-culture and celebrities and fashions from every era but with our own modern-day twist to it.

Check out our Outfits of the Day today 🙂

What would I call my outfit today?
Hollywood Vintage

What are my shirt, pants, shoes, etc.
Dress – Velvet by Graham & Spencer

Necklace – Country meet City Design

Hosiery – Winners

Ankle boots – Pegabo

Watch – Fossil

Bracelets – Forever 21

Nail Polish – Russian Roulette by Essie

Who was I trying to look like today?
Dita Von Teese


Why did I pick these colors today? 
This dress is extremely comfortable and surprisingly warm. It is a textured black with slight peek-a-boo accents. With the dress being black I decided keep the black palette flowing by adding textured black tights and black wedge ankle boots. I choose a simple antler pendant placed on a vintage chain to complete my vintage inspired outfit.

Where in the world would I best fit with this outfit?
This outfit could be worn to virtually any special event, whether it be a day at the office, dinner out or a burlesque show.


What would I call my outfit today?

80s Revival

What are my shirt, pants, shoes, etc.
Sweater – Dex – Purchased at Winners

Trousers – Smart Set

Mary Jane Pumps – Naturalizer

Necklaces – Dynamite (long) Borrowed from my mom (mirror gems)

Who was I trying to look like today?
Blanche from the Golden Girls (I loved this show!!)


Why did I pick these colors today? 
It’s no secret I love black and white and I find it hard to stray from that palette. I wanted to wear something a little more comfortable today but add a sense of sophistication to the outfit and black and white does that very easily. I also found the colours and the pattern of my sweater almost look like a tuxedo 😉

Where in the world would I best fit with this outfit?
Probably Palm Beach in the 80s with Rose, Dorothy, Blanche and Sophia sitting at the table poking fun at Rose and her St. Olaf stories.



-Country meet City


It may be cold out – but our style is hot!

Check out each of our Outfits of The Day 🙂

What would I call my outfit today?

Modern Audrey Hepburn / Rocker-Ballerina

What makes up my outfit?

I’m wearing a gorgeous pleather A-Line Skirt pair with a cute stripped Crop-Top, tights and Peep-Toe Heels.

Crop Top + Skirt – I purchased both of these from Forever 21. Sometimes I find the sizing there a little off – but was very lucky this time! I adore the very modern twist on the A-Line Skirt.

Peep-Toe Heels – I purchased these from Old Navy (and on sale) for the Summer but I like pushing the boundaries and wearing them in the Winter in the office with tights.

Tights – I purchased them from The Bay. They are Calvin Klein. I really love these tights because they are amazing quality and have not ripped yet and they still look great (I’ve had them for almost 2 years, btw).

Necklace – I purchased this from H&M – I love the spines and the details. It’s very eye-catching.

Who was I trying to look like today?

I have always been obsessed with Audrey Hepburn since I was a child and first seeing Roman Holiday. I loved all of her outfits in that movie (and in general).


Why did I pick these colors today?

I love the classic black and white combo, one of my best-friends always tells me my wardrobe is too monochromatic and that I need to liven it up with some colour, but there is something timeless and so chic about this combo that I just can’t help but wear!

Where in the world would I best fit with this outfit?

I’ve already said Paris in our last post, but my outfit today could definitely fit in there. I see myself spread out on the Seine with a picnic with my guy enjoying some great white wine  🙂




 What would I call my outfit today?
Brocade Cameo

What are my shirt, pants, shoes, etc.

Top – Vintage purchased from Value Village

Pants – Black Label

Heels – Thrift

Jewellery – Winners & Forever 21

Lip colour – Givenchy

Who was I trying to look like today?
Catherine Earnshaw of Wuthering Heights


Why did I pick these colors today? 
Today I am in a quiet mood and a bit on the tired side, and a black outfit is so easy to put together. With most of my closet being vintage this black with lace appliqué top was an easy pick to pair with black trousers. This outfit also has a Victorian flare to it – my favorite.

Where in the world would I best fit with this outfit?
Business meeting – This black long blazer/shirt with lace appliqué paired with black trousers is an easy alternate compared to the classic blazer and trouser. I tend not to wear classic work attire, yet work in an office. Pushing the envelope and being creative with my wardrobe allows my personality to shine a bit brighter while in the work environment.



-Country meet City